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1. Waste etchant (140 g / L Cu-concentration)

 Cu+Cu(NH3)4Cl2 → 2Cu(NH3)2Cl (Waste etchant) -----(1)

 Above waste etchant are extracted


20g/L copper with water indissoluble organic solvent (EX)

 Cu(NH3) 4Cl2 +(EX)H2 +2H2O → Cu(EX)+2NH4Cl+2NH4OH-----(2)


3.Etching are repeated with the above (1) (2) equation as new etchant with 3.140 g /L (the waste   etchant copper concentration) -40g/L (copper extraction) =100g/L.


4.On the other hand, Copper of 40 g /L taken in organic solvent (EX) in a process of 2 are mixed with  sulfuric acid (Reversal extraction) and does it with copper sulfate.



5.A removed solvent of copper passes through washing process by the above reversal extraction, and it  is recycled as organic solvent of 2.

6.Copper sulfate solution of process 4. is collected as metal copper by Electroplating.


 As for the real process, above 1. -6.process becomes a loop and circulates in this system.

AER system circulation figure 1

As for this system, performance of using etchant and etching precision are more important than it in addition to performance of this system, too.

Fundamental constitution of etchant formulation indicates it to a user of this system.

After this system operation start in the user, they purchase only important addition agents as alkaline etchant from us.

We can be to cooperate in cost down of the user. We aim about 1/10 etching costs as a purpose with it compared with law up to now.

And we always contact this system user in fit, and stable-etching work and us can be to.

We prepare the perfect system of after service such as analysis of etchant, maintenance of system.

The oldest user of this system passes after adoption for ten years or more.

There are not problems of system and etching defectiveness at all.

We match this system with a quantity of monthly new etchant using amount and can design system scale.

And we can adapt condition of space of the system installed area and do the facility design.

Please study this system introduction in your side.

A company enforcement example

B company enforcement example

This system applies for a joint international patent with printed

circuit boards manufacturer Ain Co., Ltd. (in Japan)


Business Contents

2-40-13-302Shimkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan

1) Manufacturing equipment Sales for Printed Circuit Boards

Tel : 03-5607-7799 Fax: 03-5607-7798

2)Manufacturing Consumption Goods Sales for Printed Circuit Board

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3)Consulting Business for Manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards

Managing Director : Tsukasa Ishikawa Director : Tadayoshi Yoroizuka

4)Electric components Manufacturing equipment & Consumption Goods Sales

Capital : ¥11,500,000

5)Above Used equipment Sales

Foundation : Since 1991Dec

6)Above Export & Import Business

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Special Secondhand Machine

Alkaline EtchantRegenerationsystem "AERsystem"

this system is auto recovery system of Alkaline Etchant that it is used solder(tin/lead) or other metal, resin for etching of copper as resist on the printed circuit board production process mainly.

As for this etchant, etchant manufacturer supplied new etchant, and user entrusted the treatment to etchant manufacturer with the high copper dissolving waste etchant after this etchant use, but, as for this "AER system", recovery etchant after collect metallic copper as new etchant in user product line.


Therefore, the total etchant cost after user this system adoption will be about 1/10.

Because the real necessary amount of etchant is only

the taking etchant on the boards from etching machine to next water rinse tank (ordinally, it's about 3% of total necessary new etchant). So in addition other necessary consumption

material for this system operating, the total etching cost will be 1/10 comparing with presently conventional etching method.


And general merit is a system thought about enough in addition to etching cost reduction with what we can handle in own company without outside a company entrusted the treatment the copper high concentrate effluent which appeared from manufacturing process of own company from the viewpoint of earth environmental protection of late years.

Basic process of this system

Flow sheet of this AER system